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20 March 2024

Proximater MVP app is into test


All our broadcasts are live,
we made it that way

The Proximater app is free and easy to use. It puts powerful location features in the palm of your hand while ensuring you have complete visibility and control of your privacy.


Share your location with advanced security and control to make yourself or your business more visible with time-limited broadcasts.



Quickly and intuitively see what is going on around you knowing that the content you see has been created very recently.



Create public or private broadcasts which can be shared, connected to or navigated to with a few clicks.


Proximater is easy to use with features that ensure content on the platform is real, and up-to-date.

Cross-platform capability coming this Autumn to iOS and Android

Coming soon Coming soon

Location power at your fingertips

Powerful features in harmony with your device.


Why Proximater?

Pick up Proximater to discover what's around you, knowing what you see is there.

  • What you see on Proximater is live
  • Discover what is around you in real-time
  • It's secure - at every step Proximater is protecting your privacy.
  • No noise - we won't be supporting ads or bothering you.
  • It's free to use - all of Proximater's features are free to use with subscription options for large groups.

Unlike other location based or maps apps which may contain out-of-date information. Proximater content has to be 'kept live' by the owner.

Social Solution

Proximater brings nearby people together.

Have you ever thought that there must be someone to meet, or a person offering a service nearby that you won't find on your usual maps app because it would be more of a temporary endeavour? That is where Proximater comes in.

As a social user, or a business you can easily create a broadcast, or pick up Proximater to see what's around.

Proximater is for anyone, here and now.

We protect your privacy. Only your approximate location is shared in search results for connect-type broadcasts. Once you approve a connection you can share your accurate location should you wish.

Proximater for Business

Proximater gives businesses users a unique opportunity to increase visibility to those around them, in real-time for free.

Mobile App

Coming soon to your app store.
  • Unlimited free broadcasts
  • Offer arrival promotions
  • Reach a wider local audience
  • Track your group or fleet with up to 10 live connections



Subscribe via in-app purchase.
  • Up to 30 live connections!
  • Use connection groups to organise broadcasts

£ 49.99 / month


See your vehicle in Proximater.
  • Sold via an in-app purchase
  • We can model it
  • Great advertising - users can choose your vehicle for use with a Google® Maps-based sat nav.
  • The kids and parents love selecting the vehicle (according to our CEO)
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White Label

Your app on the app stores with your branding and users, managed.
  • Your branding
  • Your users
  • Proximater features
  • Fully managed source code
  • Fully managed updates
  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • Custom 3D vehicles and map objects
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Meet the Team

With extensive technical capability and business acumen, the Proximater team has a mantra to deliver only awesome apps.

We just got Proximater MVP into testing, enough said.

Westley Cooper-Thorn
Founder, CEO

Creative tech lead, lead developer with 25 years of experience.

Recent end-to-end delivery of large-scale mobile solutions.

Martin Hansen
Co-founder, Advisory

Creative lead software developer with 25 years of experience.

Extensive mobile, Web3 and business experience.

Rupert Tinker
Business Development

Great at building business relationships.

Extensive experience with customer acquisition and go-to-market within the SaaS space.

Open Position

Do you like what you see?

Watch this space for growth.

Feel free to book a chat.

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The Tech Stack

With focus on

  • 1. Privacy and Information Security

  • 2. Usability

Technology Delivered.

Having designed a GraphQL schema-first app architecture from scratch, development of the app front ends commenced October 2024. The schema-first design meant we could automatically-generate fully-typed API functions for use with the front ends, aiding developers considerably.

In the space of a year we have built the backbone of the Proximater app to the highest standards of security, performance and scalability.

The foundations are laid, not just for the next key stages of delivery but for a globally scalable solution.

MVP Feedback

We took our MVP to the streets of Brixton, London, UK to get some feedback, ideas and real-world sample data from local businesses.

Below are some real comments that we got from independent business owners.

We spoke to lots of small businesses with a resounding consensus they like the idea, like the app, and are onboard for the public release.

We are looking forward to using some great ideas from the people we spoke to.


We are looking to be to location services what YouTube is to video. Providing a powerful, accessible platform for businesses and consumers.

Tapping into global social media, and broadcasting markets, location-based broadcasting presents a significant opportunity for Proximater LTD to gain market share in a seemingly ever-expanding market.

With huge growth potential and revenue opportunities. We are certain that we can get a foothold with our technically superior solution.

We will be ironing out a few bugs over the coming months for a stable app to launch. Then focus is on traction.

Do you see the vision?

Book a call with our CEO.

Proximater FAQs

How can I download Proximater?

The current MVP release of Proximater is currently only available to our in-house test team.

Proximater will soon be available to download from the app stores. We are targeting Autumn 2024 for a launch.

How do I create a user account

You will need to download the app when it becomes available. From there you can create a user account with a few clicks.

  • 1. Sign in with your Apple or Google account. or
  • 2. Create a new Proximater account with your email and a password.
How are you protecting my sensitive data?

Proximater has been built from the ground up around the best information security practices available for mobile apps. We were able to do this by tapping into the years of experience that our team has ascertained from delivering mobile apps for corporate and consumer household names.

By working towards ISO-27001 certification, we have an ongoing commitment to ensure that security is managed, and maintained.

How does Proximater protect my privacy?

We do not allow sensitive content to reach third parties.

As with many other apps, you can use Proximater to share your location. A difference with Proximater vs our competitors is how we make this apparent to our users. Through clear messaging and embedded features you always know where you are with your privacy.

What is next for Proximater?

We are busy fixing bugs and further developing features ready for a public release in the UK this Autumn, 2024.

How is Proximater being socially responsible?
Inappropriate content

We believe in free speech however we do not wish for content to appear on Proximater that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate for minors.

To tackle this from launch we have features which include a local-language offensive word combination dictionary, and the feature for users to flag inappropriate content.

We are doing more. We will never send any sensitive content third parties ever. Therefore to validate that content (pictures and text) does not deter from our content guidelines (TBC), and to ensure the upmost privacy and security for our users we are developing some abstracted AI-based image and text verification tools in-house.

We have set up Proximater Labs (website coming soon) to further develop this abstracted set of AI tools. The first of which will include AI image verification and AI text verification.

The environment

The climate is warming and we are losing biodiversity at a heartbreaking pace. Did you know the impact of technology on the environment is staggering?

But what can we do about it?

With research projects under Proximater Labs we are determined to highlight the impact of how certain technologies are indirectly destroying our world. On the back of our research we will put forward concrete solutions.

"The environmental impact of pretty pictures" is to highlight how by the likes of Apple and Samsung allowing mobile phones to take and store mega megapixel images has an exponential energy impact on the likes of data-warehousing and AI LVMs.

We already have a solution. In short we think there should be an "environmental mode" built-in to mobile operating systems that limits the size of images that can be taken on mobile devices, unless a professional licence is acquired. This should be introduced at a government level just like the Digital Markets Act. If you think you can help with this please contact us via email.

With Proximater proceeds we will certainly be supporting environmental and crisis charities. In the meantime you could plant a tree, literally.